Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is an organizational process improvement methodology. Motorola initiated Six Sigma in the 1980s to address company quality issues.

GE under Jack Welch popularized Six Sigma deployments in the mid-1990s. Many companies have followed the GE Six Sigma model. The GE model for Six Sigma incorporated process improvement practitioners called black belts and green belts to facility improvement efforts. Champions are to be executives that support the completion of the process improvement efforts, which are to have significant financial benefit.

Lean was added to Six Sigma around the beginning of the 21st century.

Six Sigma is traditional considered a methodology for reducing defects. Lean efforts focus on reducing organization waste. The seven types of lean waste are overproduction, waiting, transportation, inventory, over-processing, motion, and defects.

The metrics often associated with Six Sigma are striving to achieve a process output response of Six Sigma or 3.4 parts per million non-conformance rate. This rate of issue occurrence could be expressed as defects per million opportunities. Other metrics associated with Six Sigma are process capability indices such as Cp and Cpk.

Both Six Sigma and lean deployments have issues relative to metric reporting and silo implementations. These issues are overcome with the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system.

Lean Six Sigma Training Cost Considerations

Lean Six Sigma Training cost for on-site training is a question that is often asked. A Lean Six Sigma training provider might then respond to the request and they either get or don’t get the training job. Or, the company decides to conduct the training using their internal resources because they think that this will save …

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Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria

Described are attributes of Lean Six Sigma project selection criteria that should be considered when undertaking a Lean Six Sigma process improvement effort. Other Lean Six Sigma infrastructure and execution needs for creating a healthy process-improvement culture are also discussed. Need for Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria Organizational Lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts …

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