Process Improvement Deployment

A lean Six Sigma deployment for process improvement typically involves the creating of improvement projects that are to have reported financial benefits. These cost savings projects are to be facilitated and/or executed by lean Six Sigma Master Black belts, lean Six Sigma black belts or lean Six Sigma green belts.

Lean Six Sigma belts are to be trained in process improvement tools. In a lean Six Sigma deployment, projects are to be selected by management. Lean Six Sigma champions are to be executives that are involved with not only project selection but making sure that process improvement efforts get completed.

However, in a traditional lean Six Sigma deployment often projects never get completed or improvement efforts are in silos that do not have big-picture benefits. Lean Six Sigma deployments are frequently terminated because executive leadership is not seeing tangible results.

The issues with a traditional lean Six Sigma deployment are overcome when an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) deployment. With IEE, predictive performance scorecards that would benefit the business as a whole when improved pulls for process enhancement efforts.

IEE could be considered lean Six Sigma 2.0.

Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria

Described are attributes of Lean Six Sigma project selection criteria that should be considered when undertaking a Lean Six Sigma process improvement effort. Other Lean Six Sigma infrastructure and execution needs for creating a healthy process-improvement culture are also discussed. Need for Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria Organizational Lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts …

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Lean Six Sigma Deployment Strategy

  Structured steps for a Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy are provided in the below “Steps for Lean Six Sigma Success” PDF written by Forrest Breyfogle. With the described deployment strategy, focus is given to the avoidance of silo projects that may initially look good but do not provide much (if any) organization-as-a-whole benefit.  The described …

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Benefiting from Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management (BPM) Together

Many organizations have deployed both business process management(BPM) and lean six sigma. There is some natural overlap, as well as some fundamental differences between the two, but organizations can benefit from a structured integration of these two techniques in their business…Take a look at this 3 page magazine article to understand the purpose of each system and see an orchestrated method to integrate the two.

Lean Six Sigma Cost Savings Case Study Example

The following  lean six sigma cost savings case study example  can provide some thoughts relative to cost practices for lean Six Sigma improvement projects. One of my past students called this week with help estimating the savings for a project that reduced the number of re-runs of a test protocol.  The retests were due to …

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