Lean Six Sigma

Organizations benefit when they utilize the concepts described in a series of Lean Six Sigma Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Operational Excellence books. This five set of textbooks describe a next-generation lean Six Sigma 2.0 methodology which shows how to both select areas for targeting process improvement efforts and then how to timely execute enhancement so there are big-picture benefits.

Described in these books is how to create predictive performance metrics that can be used to baseline process outputs that are to be improved. This form of metric reporting is also applicable as part of IEE value chain, which structurally integrates futuristic scorecards with the processes that created them. In addition, the described 9-step IEE methodology roadmap provides direction as to where improvement efforts should focus so that there are big-picture benefits.

Students profit when these books are used within their lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt training. No-charge lean Six Sigma Black Belt training material is available for the utilization of these books in a training curriculum.

Minitab and Lean Six Sigma Book

  This Minitab® and Lean Six Sigma book  (published in December 2022)  provides the details for executing Minitab functions in a detailed Lean Six Sigma define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC ) roadmap, where there is focus on enhancing a Y process output response.  Amazon book reviews have been great! 

Book Review of Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Textbook

Editor of the Quality Management Forum, Robert Spencer, presents a detailed review of Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III: Improvement Project Execution by Forrest Breyfogle. “Lean Six Sigma practitioners will find this volume indispensable as a reference for enterprise-DMAIC and process-DMAIC roadmaps. Managers will appreciate the visual management perspective in presenting analysis results,” testifies Spencer in this book review. Download to read more.

Lean Six Sigma Solutions Book Review

In this lean Six Sigma solutions book review it is stated: ″Forrest Breyfogle’s Solutions Manual is a study guide that demonstrates application of statistical analysis skills using realistic business problems, related business performance data sets, and detailed project execution roadmaps.” In addition, Spencer states in this published review: “Also included is the rationale for considering …

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