Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide Table of Contents

This Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide Table of Contents summarizes the roadmap and tools that are covered in the book.  The book provides a true, structured integration of lean and Six Sigma tools so that the right tool is used at the right time.

  • The Table of Contents for the Lean Six Sigma book Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide: The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Process Improvement Project Roadmap provides insight to the large amount of detail and structure offered by the book for the effective execution of improvement projects.
  • This book contains tabs for each of Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) phases in the project execution roadmap. The first part of the book describes a system for project selection using an Enterprise DMAIC (E-DMAIC) roadmap approach, which is described in more details in IEE Volume II of this series.

Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide Table of Contents

Improvement Project Selection and Execution Roadmap

Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide Table of Contents

  • Selecting Projects that Positively Impact the Business as a Whole
  • Project Identification using Theory of Constraints
  • Shortcomings of Traditional Process Improvement Efforts and Resolution
  • Application of Theory of Constraints (TOC) in an Overall Business System for Project Identification
  • Integrating IEE Business System with Project Execution Roadmap
  • Improvement Project P-DMAIC Phases, Purposes and Deliverables

1. P-DMAIC: Define Phase

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Problem Statement
  • Project Drill-Down
  • Project Linkage
  • Project Charter
  • Team Selection
  • Tool: SIPOC
  • Communication Plan
  • Project’s Financial Benefits

2. P-DMAIC: Measure Phase – Planning and Metrics

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Project Customer Definition and Information Sources
  • In-process Metrics (e.g., DPMO)
  • Project Management

3. P-DMAIC: Measure Phase – Baseline Project

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Data Collection Planning
  • IEE 30,000-foot-level Scorecards and Project Baselining
  • Tool: 30,000-foot-level Control Chart
  • Tool: 30,000-foot-level – Distribution Assessment
  • Tool: Process Capability/Performance Metric
  • Reporting the Baseline Performance
  • Confidence in Baselineing Conclusions
  • Narrowing the Project Scope
  • Application and Background
  • Interpretation of Control Chart Patterns

4. P-DMAIC: Measure Phase – Consider Lean Tools

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Application and Background
  • Tool: Determine Lean Project Focus Areas
  • Further Lean Assessment Needed?
  • Tool: Workflow Analysis – Standardized Work
  • Tool: Workflow Analysis – Combination Work Table
  • Tool: Workflow Analysis – Logic Flow Map
  • Tool: Workflow Analysis – Spaghetti Diagram or Physical Process Flow
  • Tool: Workflow Analysis – Time Value Diagram
  • Tool: Create a Current State Value Stream Map
  • Tool: Takt Time
  • Tool: Little’s Law

5. P-DMAIC: Measure Phase – Measurement Systems Analysis

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Application and Background
  • Variability Sources in a 30,000-foot-level Metric
  • MSA: Data Integrity
  • MSA: Simple Rounding MSA
  • MSA: Focus on Quality or Variation Reduction?
  • Tool: Gage R&R
  • MSA: Attribute Agreement Study

6. P-DMAIC: Measure Phase – Organizational Wisdom

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Application
  • Review Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tool: Flowchart
  • Assessment of Lean Value Stream Map and Simulation modeling
  • Tool: Benchmarking
  • Tool: Brainstorming
  • Tool: Cause-and-effect Diagram
  • Tool: Other Brainstorming Tools
  • Tool: Cause-and-effect Matrix
  • Tool: Affinity Diagram
  • Tool: Nominal Group Technique (NGT)
  • Tool: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

7. P-DMAIC: Analyze Phase

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Application and Background
  • Data Collection Plan (DCP) Needs, Source, and Types
  • Tools: Data Collection
  • Visualization of data to gain insight
  • Tools: Comparison Tests, Continuous Response
  • Tool: Comparing Proportions
  • Tool: Difference in Two Proportions
  • Tools: Scatter Plot, Correlation, and Regression Analysis
  • Tools: Marginal Plot Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Analysis of Means (ANOM), Multiple Comparisons, and Equality of Variances
  • Tools: Multi-vari chart and Variance Components
  • Tools: Logistic Regression
  • Tools: Indicator Variables and Mixed inputs

8. P-DMAIC: Improve Phase

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Applications
  • Tool: Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Creative Solution Development
  • Learning by Doing
  • Tool: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
  • Tool: Poka-Yoke (Mistake proofing)
  • Tool: Future State Value Stream Map
  • Tool: Standard Work and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tool: One-Piece Flow
  • Tool: Visual Management
  • Tool: 5S Method
  • Tool: Kaizen Event
  • Tool: Kanban
  • Tool: Continuous Flow and Cell Design
  • Tool: Changeover Reduction
  • Tool: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Tool: Process Modeling and Simulation in the Improve Phase
  • Tools: Solution Selection and Pugh Matrices
  • Tool: Walking the New Process and Value Chain Documentation
  • Tool: Pilot Testing
  • Tool: Process Change Implementation Training and Project Validation
  • Demonstrating and Quantifying Improvement

9. P-DMAIC: Control Phase

  • Roadmap
  • Check Sheet
  • Document optimal settings
  • Tool: Implement 50-foot-level process control
  • Tool: Document Control Measures
  • Complete Financial Validation
  • Turn Over Project to Process Owner
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Improvement Verification


10. Appendix A: Basic Concepts

  • Data Types
  • Tool: Time-Series Plot
  • Mean, Standard Deviation, and Median
  • Tool: Histogram
  • Tool: Dot Plot
  • Distributions
  • Normal Distribution
  • Tool: Probability Plotting
  • Tool: Pareto Chart
  • Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests
  • Hypothesis Testing

11. Appendix B: List of Symbols

12. Appendix C: Statistical Tables

13. Appendix D: Glossary

14. Appendix E: References

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More information about the book, Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide: The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Process Improvement Project Roadmap, Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Bridgeway Books/Citius Publishing, Austin, TX, 2008.

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