Operational Excellence System Books with Lean Six Sigma Project Selection

In these six operational excellence system books with lean six sigma project selection, an overall Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system is described where process improvement effort benefit the enterprise as a whole.

Organizations benefit when they follow the methodologies described in these lean Six Sigma project selection criteria Operational Excellence system book.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is the book-described Operational Excellence system that addresses the following issues:

  • Traditional Lean Six Sigma project selection criteria can lead to projects that are based upon opinions where limited, if any, data is used in the selection process.
  • Common-place Lean Six Sigma project selection criteria often leads to silo process improvement efforts that don′t either get completed or do not benefit the enterprise as a whole.

Because of the shortcomings from traditional improvement project selection, Lean Six Sigma organizational improvement efforts may be downsized or eliminated completely. When times get tough, improvement practitioners are often the first to be transferred or downsized out of the organization.

Why does this lack of sustainability often occur with Lean Six Sigma deployments? The common reason for downsizing or elimination a Lean Six Sigma deployment is that executives do not see the benefits from the effort; e.g., 100 million dollars is reported in savings, but nobody can find the money.

A past Wikipedia definition was Operational Excellence is ″tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.″ Lean Six Sigma deployments need to have a Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria that is consistent with this operational excellence definition. IEE is a means to address this Operational Excellence need.

Operational Excellence System Books with Lean Six Sigma Project Selection

How an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system can be used to provide an Operational Excellence system for Lean Six Sigma improvement project selection and avoidance of common-place organizational firefighting (at the same time) are described in:

One-minute video that shows resolution to scorecard issues

Positive performance metric poor business performance

Integrated Enterprise Excellence System Book

Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Benefits

This Operational Excellence implementation methodology:

  • Offers improvement project selection and execution consistency so that the enterprise as a whole benefits.
  • Provides Lean Six Sigma trainees much more than just a deck of slides from their education classes.
  • Delivers process enhancement efforts that avoid organizational silos to the focusing of enhancement efforts that benefit the big-picture.

Explaining the IEE Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Methodology to others

A one-minute video illustrates issues with typical scorecarding approaches and their resolution. Other pages on this site provide implementation details.

Three books are available to describe the shortcomings of commonly-used traditional business and process improvement methodologies.  These books describe the benefit of the IEE system from a high-level point of view.

Two of these books highlight what can be done to enhance business management and improvement efforts through an IEE deployment.  One of these books provides this explanation from a book-novel point of view while the other provides a description from a tool-usage vantage perspective. The third book describes the application of IEE techniques in a Business Process Management (BPM) deployment.

These books are:

Operational Excellence Book

Operational Excellence Book Novel

A third book, The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System, describes how the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System can be used to enhance a business process management deployment.

Business Process Management Operational Excellence Book

Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence Process Improvement Books

The details of executing Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects is described in two other books:


Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume 3, Improvement Project Execution: A Management and Black Belt Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard.

operational excellence system books with lean six sigma project selection


Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide: The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Process Improvement Project Roadmap


Purchasing Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Books at a Discount

A Lean Six sigma project selection criteria operational excellence system book can be purchased at a discount pricing through the Smarter Solutions′ store.


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