Operational Excellence

An organizational Operational Excellence deployment needs to be more than the execution of a business strategy that is often worded like ″we are to be the best of the best″.

An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach for implementing Operational Excellence provides a structured 9-step system that initiates in step 2 with an IEE value chain, which describes what the organization does and how it measures what is done.

Target strategies are created in step 5 of the IEE system, which are aligned to improving the financials. An Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP) is then created in step 6, which identifies targeted improvement efforts (step 7) that benefit the IEE value chain predictive-scorecard metrics for the enterprise as a whole.

With an IEE Operational Excellence implementation, companies can create a positive culture that provides organizational transparency with predictive scorecards that are aligned with the processes that created them.

Enhanced Operational Excellence Strategy Model

An operational excellence strategy model should create a business management methodology that encourages process improvement.  Operational Excellence in organizational leadership is an element that stresses usage of principles, systems, and tools that result in the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics (KPIs). Much of the operational excellence management philosophy is based on continuous improvement methodologies; …

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