Predictive Scorecard Software

Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software offers predictive performance measures scorecards that are structurally integrated with the processes that created them. EPRS software offers an enabling methodology for implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System techniques.

EPRS is a next generation Business Process Management (BPM) system. With the EPRS system, predictive operational and financial metrics, which are reported from a process-output point of view, can be automatically updated. The EPRS system offers the ability for complete transparency of performance metrics and their associated processes throughout an organization.

The EPRS form of reporting can reduce firefighting issues where common-cause variability is often considered a special event that requires immediate actions. IEE 30,000-foot-level form of reporting, which assesses process output stability and can make prediction statements, can automatically be updated with the EPRS software, which can exist on a company server or the cloud.

Enhanced Stoplight Report Template Software

Organizations often describe their business performance using a table of numbers, stack bar charts, and/or pie charts. Red-yellow-green scorecards may also be used for an assessment of how well a function is performing relative to established goals. Traditional performance scorecards present historical information for some timeframe with no predictive statement. Business decisions made through the use of these charts are not unlike driving a car by only looking at its rear view mirror. What organizations need is a predictive metric reporting system. This futuristic assessment can then be utilized so that if expected future performance is not desirable, adjustments can be made. This is not unlike making an automobile driving adjustment using a steering wheel or brake/gas pedal, where this mechanical intervention is analogous to incorporating process improvement activities. The described Statistical Business Performance Charting (SBPC) methodology can, for example, reduce firefighting when the performance measurement system replaces organizational red-yellow-green scorecards, which often have no structured plan for making goal-setting improvement objectives. This article describes how organizations can benefit from a SBPC scorecard or dashboard system, which can guide them to the most appropriate performance-measurement system actions or non-actions in both manufacturing and transactional processes.

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