Business Process Improvements

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System and process improvement training provides the details for effective project selection and execution so that the big picture benefits.

The taught 9-step IEE business management system provides the details for: setting financial goals; building targeted strategies; identifying and then executing improvement efforts which enhance key performance indicators (KPIs) that benefit the enterprise as a whole.

Instruction includes the details for creating predictive process output measurements. Also incorporated in this training is the how-to′s for building of a predictive scorecard system that structurally integrates performance measures with the processes that created them. Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software is available, which can automatically update these metrics.

Continuous Improvement Process Implementation

For success, businesses must embrace an effective continuous improvement process that benefits their organization’s finances and customers. However, traditional continuous improvement techniques such as Lean Six Sigma are often not long-lasting since improvement projects occur in silos and process-improvement statements are only anecdotal. Leadership frequently terminates their formal continuous improvement process efforts program since they …

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Next Generation Lean Process Improvement Methodology

Lean has a very good tool set; however, it is not a business management system. To better address the challenges of the day, organizations need an effective business management system that integrates lean tools with predictive scorecards and analytical/innovative strategies so that undertaken process improvement efforts have whole-enterprise benefits. The Integrated Enterprise Excellence1 (IEE) business management system, which is illustrated in Figure 1, accomplishes this organizational objective. In Lean Six Sigma, improvement projects are to follow a define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC) roadmap. Within the IEE system, there are two DMAIC roadmaps: Project DMAIC (P-DMAIC) and Enterprise process DMAIC (E-DMAIC). This article discusses how these roadmaps are used to integrate Lean tools into the business management system.

Enhanced Enterprise Improvement System: Description and Webinar

Competitive pressures are forcing executives to react faster to changing business conditions and customer requirements. Line managers, and decision-makers need to be able to monitor and manage day to day business operations with access to continuously updated performance metrics to make faster decisions and take immediate action. In short, what’s needed is a performance measurement system.

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