Free EBook Business Management: IEE Enhanced Business Management System

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This free ebook business management is an overview of a three-volume hardcover set (Integrated Enterprise Excellence, Volumes I-III). This book discusses how the application of the enhanced Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) methods, tools, and techniques can overcome the enterprise management challenges of the twenty-first century and the limitations of traditional business measurement systems.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is an organizational governance system that integrates analytics with innovation. The 9-step IEE business management system is described in the figure.

The IEE system shows business leaders what to measure and report; when and how to report it; how to interpret and use the results to establish goals; how to orchestrate work activities; and how to develop strategies which are consistent with established goals. These strategies ultimately lead to specific projects that enhance organizational focus and success.

The free ebook business management is available in the format:

More information about the book, The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement, Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Citius Publishing, 2008:

For additional information about Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) see: Business Management Implementation: IEE Articles, Videos, Books


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