Business Management System Book Contents: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

The business management system book contents for Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement is provided below.


business management system book contents


This book provides an introduction to the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System and a five-volume how-to-implement the Integrated Enterprise Excellence series.

Business Management System Book Contents (Chapters and Section Titles)

1. Challenges Facing Leaders – An Integrated Enterprise Excellence Resolution

2. Business Systems Can Stimulate the Wrong Behavior

  • Performance metrics and the numbers game
  • Characteristics of a good metric
  • Traditional scorecards/dashboards and performance metrics reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Hoshin kanri
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Red-yellow-green scorecards
  • Stimulating the right behavior

3. Improving Management Governance and Innovation through IEE

  • Overview of IEE
  • IEE as a business strategy
  • Integration of Six Sigma with Lean
  • Day-to-day business management using IEE
  • IEE and innovation
  • Applying IEE.

4. Assessing Enterprise Goals and Strategic Alignment

  • Do you have a strategy?
  • Enterprise-process goal setting
  • Strategic analyses
  • Strategy development
  • Strategic analyses
  • Strategy development

5. Firefighting Reduction through IEE

  • Metrics and the problem of the day
  • Example 5.1: Culture firefighting or fire prevention?

6. Understanding Nonconformance

  • Creating an enhanced results-achieving culture through wisely selected performance metrics
  • Example 6.1: Red-yellow-green graphical reporting alternative
  • Example 6.2: Tabular red-yellow-green graphical reporting alternative
  • Example 6.2: Tabular red-yellow-green metric reporting alternative
  • IEE performance scorecard/dashboard metrics that lead to the right activities.

7. Enterprise Orchestration through IEE Value Chain Scorecards and Process Standardization that has Integrated Documentation

  • Processes and metrics
  • Flowcharting
  • Enterprise-process value chain
  • Value chain drill-downs
  • Enterprise process management (EPM)
  • Example 7.1: Satellite-level metrics
  • Example 7.2: 30,000-foot-level metric with specifications
  • Example 7.3: 30,000-foot-level continuous response metric with no specifications
  • Example 7.4: 30,000-foot-level attribute response metric

8. Overcoming Business Constraints and identifying opportunities through enterprise analytics

  • Theory of constraints (TOC)
  • Example 8.1: Theory of constraints
  • Total quality management and TOC
  • Enterprise data analyses
  • Example 8.2: Sales personnel scorecard/dashboard and data analyses
  • Example 8.3: Making the numbers assessment.

9. Implementing the IEE system – Infrastructure

  • Comparison of IEE to total quality management (TQM)
  • Stimulating organizational change


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More information about the book, The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement, Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Citius Publishing, 2008:

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