EPRS-Metrics Application Videos

These EPRS-metrics application videos show how to create 30,000-foot-level reports for various data situations using the eprs-metircs-software  described in Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise ExcellenceLeadership System 2.0: Implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence.

Videos will describe use of the EPRS-metrics software to recreate the following published-book figures for various types of data situations:

Enhanced P Value Chart: A Free 30,000-foot-level Reporting App Example

Recreation of Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Volume III Figure 13.4


EPRS-Metrics Application Video: Non-subgroup Data

Recreation of Management 2.0, Figure 9.7 Expense

EPRS-Metrics Application Video: Subgroup Data

Recreation of Management 2.0, Figure 9.8 Lead Time

EPRS-Metrics Application Video: Attribute

Recreation of Management 2.0, Figure 9.9 Non-conformance rate

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