How to Avoid Management Information System Software Problems

How to avoid encountering Management Information System software problems is an essential inquiry for creating a beneficial MIS infrastructure.

Wikipedia states that a Management Information System is used for decision-making, and to coordinate, control, analyzing, and visualization of organizational information for the coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information in an organization. MIS involves studying people, processes, and technology. In a corporation, the goal is to use its Management Information System to increase business value and profits.

However, traditional approaches to implement MIS have issues.

Elephant in the Room Problem Resolution

Someone told me that a large consulting company created three pages with a smattering of up-and-down, red-yellow-green arrows for his organization’s scorecards, where the consultants couldn’t even tell him what the metrics meant.

This person told me that our approach to tracking process-output responses was so much better than the traditional scorecard approach that the consulting company provided; i.e., addressing an elephant in the room problem.

Addressing MIS elephant in the room problem

Management Information System Software Problems

Among other things, commonplace, traditional business management system software has the following problems:

  • Up-to-date decision-making information is not readily available through a “click of the mouse” to all authorized in an organization
  • The reporting of business key performance indicators (KPIs) is not from a process-out perspective (which can extend for years), where a prediction statement may be provided. (If a futuristic statement is undesirable, this unsatisfactory declaration should stimulate the consideration that process improvement efforts may be appropriate for this process.)
  • There is no structural integration of executive reporting information with marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, and other functional processes (and their metrics) from an overall system point of view via a “click of the mouse” by all authorized
  • There is no structural integration of processes with the process-output metrics that are automatically updated and reported from a process-output point of view (which red-yellow-green scorecards and tables of number reporting do not do)
  • A structured approach is lacking to statistically determine and then improve organizational processes that benefit the enterprise from an overall system point of view
  • The use of statistics as a tool for helping organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses for undertaking improvement efforts
  • The creating of a system for collecting and reacting to customer data for undertaking appropriate actions, so both customers and the organization consequently benefit; i.e., more than a Likert scale

The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Management Information System with its Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software addresses these issues and more.

IEE MIS Software

IEE with EPRS provides a “click of the mouse” organizational understanding system in an organization.

The IEE system structurally addresses all the aspects of the Wikipedia definition of a Management Information System. Among other things, IEE with EPRS breaks down organizational silos, reduces firefighting, provides more productive meeting, and data in a format that be easily understood and reacted to.


IEE management information system benefits


IEE consists of a 9-step business management system


IEE 9-steps for Management Information System (MIS) Implementation


A description of each of these 9-steps highlights the value of the IEE enhanced business management system.

For more information about IEE and its Enterprise Performance Reporting (EPRS) software, see:

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business management system meeting


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