Free Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Training Material And Guide

This free lean six sigma training materials is an instructor guide for conducting lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt training.  This material and guide can be used by instructors to provide a very beneficial lean Six Sigma (LSS) learning experience for attendees.

This free lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt training material guide can be used by university instructors, in-house trainers and/or consultants.  As part of the provided sessions, this offering actively uses books that ASQ includes in their lean Six Sigma body of knowledge (BoK).

A video also describes this Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Free Training Material

Between facilitated sessions, students are to read chapters from the book(s)/articles, watch videos, and answer questions that are to be addressed during the facilitated session. The only cost for the training is the price of the training book(s) for each student.

Why this Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials?

When times get tough often one of the first things to go is an organization′s lean Six Sigma deployment function (and people associated with it).  Why is this?  When things are not going well, it would seem that process improvement efforts should be a high priority for increased focus in a business.  However, apparently the reason for a Lean Six Sigma functional downsizing is that leadership is not seeing the value of currently reported lean Six Sigma functional accomplishments.

This book-linked lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt training offering addresses this issue.

In addition to providing a detailed lean and Six Sigma tool integration road map, this teaching material shows how to:

  1. Structurally integrate lean Six Sigma improvement efforts within the organization′s overall business management system so that everyone sees the value of making big-picture-value improvements.
  2. Link process improvement efforts to key performance indicator (KPI) improvement needs so that the big picture benefits.
  3. Demonstrate pictorially and quantitative process improvement accomplishments from a process-performance-output point-of-view (in an easy to understand statement).

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What is described in this Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials and Guide for Black Belt Training?

  • Detailed lean Six Sigma 2.0 (LSS 2.0) project execution Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) roadmap (with check sheets) for executing lean Six Sigma process improvement projects
  • Best lean or Six Sigma tool selection to improve a performance metric that is associated with a lean Six Sigma project problem statement
  • Linkage of the training content with the lean Six Sigma tools that are described in books, which are reference by ASQ in its description of the lean Six Sigma body of knowledge (BoK)
  • Referenced instructional and LSS roadmap books can be utilized by trainees and others long after the training

Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials Books and Software

Books utilized and referenced in this training are:

Books can be purchased at a discount

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Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Free Training Material and Guide

Overall Instructor Guide Structure for the Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials and Guide

  • Fourteen modules
  • Instructor conducts a scheduled remote one-two hour PowerPoint guided session with students; e.g., weekly
  • Before each module students are to:
    • Read material from books and articles
    • Watch videos
    • Answer questions that will be discussed during the one-two hour instructor-facilitated sessions

Distributed Material in the Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials and Guide

  • Student
    • PDF that contains the objective for each module, books and articles reading assignments, videos that are to be observed, and questions that are to be completed before each instructor-facilitated session
    • Minitab data sets
  • Instructor (in addition to student material)
    • Fourteen PowerPoint presentations that are designed to aid the facilitation of on-line or classroom training sessions
      • PowerPoint slides give primary focus to the questions that were to be answered by students to stimulate discussion about the session’s methodologies and applications

Fourteen Modules in this Free Lean Six Sigma Training Materials and Guide

Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Free Training Material roadmap

Each module contains:

  • Learning objectives for the module
  • Student pre-class work that is to have been completed before the facilitated session
    • Questions are to stimulate discussion during the facilitated sessions about the described techniques

Fourteen Module topics in thisFree Lean Six Sigma Training Materials and Guide

Topics covered in the 14 modules are:

  1. Process Improvements
  2. Reporting Organizational Performance and Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) System
  3. IEE Improvement Project Selection
  4. DMAIC: Define Phase and Measure Phase Overview
  5. Response Variable Statistics
  6. DMAIC: Measure Phase – Baseline Project
  7. DMAIC: Measure Phase – Lean Considerations, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Wisdom of the Organization
  8. DMAIC: Analyze Phase – Data Collection, Visualization of Data, Hypothesis Testing
  9. DMAIC: Analyze Phase – Simple Comparisons and Regression
  10. DMAIC: Analyze Phase – ANOVA, ANOM, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression
  11. DMAIC: Improve Phase: Design of Experiments (DOE)
  12. DMAIC: Improve Phase: Innovation, Lean Tools, Demonstrating Improvements
  13. DMAIC: Control Phase
  14. Summary and Review (Putting it all Together)

Potential Next Steps

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  • Forward this lean Six Sigma instructor package description to others who may have an interest


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