30000-foot-level Performance Reporting Software: Minitab Add-in

This 30000-foot-level performance reporting software Minitab add-in can provide easy-to-create predictive performance scorecard metrics.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is an enhanced business management system. 30,000-foot-level report-outs assess a process response from a high-level point of view.   This form of reporting:

  1. Provides a process stability assessment, where (from a high-level point of view) a process may have output consistency for three weeks, three months, or three years.
  2. Provides a process capability prediction statement when there is a recent region of stability of the response, even though there may be no specification.

IEE addresses the common-place business scorecard and improvement issues described in a 1-minute video:


30000-foot-level performance reporting software video


30000-foot-level Performance Reporting Software: Minitab Add-in

Download Minitab Add-in for 30000-foot-level reporting

This complimentary 30000 foot-level add-in is applicable for:

  1. Continuous time-series process response data, where one measurement occurs during each time interval
  2. Continuous time-series process response data, where multiple measurements are made in time-series subgroupings
  3. Non-normal data, even when there are zeros or negative values
  4. Attribute data
  5. Seasonal data

Automatically Updated 30000-foot-level Performance Reporting Software

The above Minitab add-in can be used to create automatically updated predictive performance reporting throughout an organization, where performance metric report-outs are in alignment with the processes that created them.  This objective is achieved using Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software.


30000-foot-level performance reporting software


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