Coaching and Consulting Services

Our coaching and consulting services enables organizations to achieve their business goals. We offer leadership development so that organizations can optimize its performance. 

Smarter Solutions understands that every company and client needs a little help at times.  It may involve additional help for their workforce, a skill that they do not have at the moment, or just help communicating. The staff at Smarter Solutions has many years of experience in nearly every facet of business, research and development, and general business practices. Smarter Solutions, Inc. is based in Austin, Texas; however, we work with businesses throughout the world.

We offer these coaching and consulting services:

  • Rent-a-Black-Belt: If there is a big improvement project that may be beyond your current skills or it needs to be completed very quickly, our Master Black Belts are available to lead full improvement projects or rapid improvement events to support your needs. These events are usually a mixture of on-site and remote work and can also involve coaching and consulting.
  • Lean Six Sigma Coaching: Many organizations are working towards a self sufficient lean six sigma program but they have not yet had time to develop true internal experts and they want to provide expert support for their existing Lean Six Sigma staff.  Smarter Solutions is able to provide Master Black Belt support to your organization that will both support your existing staff but also train them towards a goal of self sufficiency.
  • Executive Coaching: As organizations work to develop a strong business improvement program or improvement focused business management system, the leadership is left to develop their skills to support and nurture these efforts on their own. Most leaders know that they support these efforts, but do not quite know all of the activities and actions that they can provide that will enhance the success of the improvement efforts. With Smarter Solutions executive coaching, we work with the leadership so they will know the right questions to ask, how to recognize both good and problem behaviors. This service is intended to lead the organization to self dependence, not to provide long term consulting.
  • Speaker Bureau: Forrest Breyfogle provides keynote speeches at conferences and corporate retreats. He has spoken around the world on Business Systems, Improvement Methodologies, Lean Six Sigma, and many other quality related topics. Bring him to speak to your organization!
  • General Consulting: Smarter Solutions has a staff of trainers and consultants with many years of experience and multiple certifications. Our staff has skills that many organizations need every now and then, but not at a frequency that would justify hiring a person to work full time.  In these cases, Smarter Solutions can provide a highly skilled person to work with your organization to temporarily fill your skill gaps.  We are able to provide your organization services such as: process modeling and simulation, complex data analysis, Big Data analysis, data mining, second checking research or publications, single topic training, design of experiment creation and design, reliability test support, and many other topics. Why not use an expert and get it done quickly and properly?
  • General Training : Smarter Solutions provides many general and specialized courses. These courses include the typical certification courses found for Lean Six Sigma, but also courses on general business management, statistics, and other courses to fit specific client requests. For more information on Lean Six Sigma corporate training and other professional development options click here.

Business Management System Coaching and Consulting Services: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

We also offer consulting, coaching, and training in Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) IEE is an enhanced business management system that addresses the common-place business scorecard and improvement issues described in a 1-minute video:


coaching and consulting services video



Contact Us to set up a time to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might gain much from an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Process Management System and/or Smarter Solutions Coaching and Consulting.