6 Sigma Master Black Belt Training and Reviews

Reviews from Smarter Solutions, Inc. 6 Sigma Master Black Belt training provide insight to the benefits of providing a Master Black Belt (MBB) course that offers much more than advanced statistical tool usage.

Smarter Solutions’ MBB training revolves around the 9-step  Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system:


6 sigma master black belt training roadmap


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6 Sigma Master Black Belt Training: Reviews

Recent  Smarter Solutions, Inc. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course testimonials statements are:

  • “This is an amazing course! What the University of Texas has done in their partnership with Smarter Solutions and Forrest Breyfogle is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I work for a large HealthCare company in Florida. Our company has been “doing” Six Sigma for about 15 years. I was looking for an MBB program that would be relevant to the needs of our business. Our leaders and process owners do not possess the aptitude nor the appetite for what I call “NASA-level” statistics, therefore many of the other MBB programs out there would have been a waste for our company. But Forrest’s Integrated Enterprise Excellence gives me hope that we can rejuvenate our programs here and make great strides in nudging towards a culture of excellence at our organization. I would highly recommend this program.” … Continuous Improvement, HealthCare
  • “Forrest really helped me connect Lean Six Sigma concepts back to the types of business process we see in a school division, creating true relevancy.” … J.B., Manager Information  Technology, Public Schools
  • “Forrest offers a very practical and effective methodology to provide more insight to the use of data. This approach can be a huge game changer in pursuing improvement goals.” … P.M., Healthcare Consultant
  • “This course (6 sigma master black belt training) changed the way I usually approached analyze and look for improvement opportunities.” … N.G., Manufacturing Production Manager
  • “This workshop (6 sigma master black belt training) was very engaging and well structured.” … S.S., Hospital Quality Improvement Manager
  • “Forrest continues to innovate and provide alternative approaches to Lean Six Sigma providing a clear roadmap to success.” … K.L. Director Operations Healthcare Provider
  • “Forrest training is really more than a regular Master Black Belt training.  Forrest’s training is not just teaching statistical tools, the training goes far beyond because it teaches the use of an Operational Excellence approach that combines with continuous improvement (CI) tools to create a truly CI system.  Forrest also makes you think again and challenge current processes and tools in a way that you really think in a continuous improvement mindset.  This training is like no other.” … A.C. Supply Chain Project Manager, Manufacturing
  • “New way to present data and avoid firefighting culture” …  Course (6 sigma master black belt training) evaluation feedback
  • “Applied the concepts to our own companies really helped me understand how I’ll use concept.” … R.F. Senior Director
  • When it comes to Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Master Black-Belt training, there are loads of options to select from. In researching the plethora of courses available online and in-class, I decided on the top quality, Lean Six Sigma Canada /Smarter Solutions Master Black-Belt in-class training. The program offered next generation thinking in continuous improvement deployment through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) 9-step system and IEE software (Minitab complimentary EPRS-D add-in). The course provided practical concepts, methodologies, and facilitator know-how on management of an improvement program that focuses on organizational success, beyond projects. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take their operational excellence career or program deployment to the next level … Craig B.  National Director, Operational Excellence


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