Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training and Certification

Our lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification provides much more than a description of the tools which are often associated with lean Six Sigma improvement projects.  The hands-on training that we provide has often been referenced as lean Six Sigma 2.0.

Smarter Solutions has headquarters in Austin, Texas, but helps organizations throughout the world enhance their business management system and process improvement efforts so that the big-picture benefits.

Unfortunately traditional lean Six Sigma deployments have issues and typically stall out in time.  A traditional deployment might be reporting 100 million in savings but nobody can find the money.

Our lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification highlights traditional deployment/execution problems, and what should be done differently to address these lean Six Sigma deployment shortcomings.

Our workshop described Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system provides the roadmap for taking lean Six Sigma and traditional business management scorecards to the next level.


Lean Six Sigma White Belt Workshop

How to Receive Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training and Certification: Public or Onsite?

An alternative to one or two people from an organization attending public training is that this workshop be conducted on-site at an organization’s facility.  The advantage of this approach is that a team can be taught at the same time application of techniques to their specific processes.

This on-site alternative applies to all Smarter Solutions’ lean Six Sigma workshops and could also be blended with online and/or leadership training.  Contact us at +1.512.918.0280 or [email protected] to discuss what training alternative best fulfills your organization’s needs.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training and Certification: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence White Belt Course

The IEE lean Six Sigma process-enhancement methodology can help organizations:

  • Reduce the time to complete tasks
  • Reduce the number of defects and/or reworks
  • Enhance the customer experience

Organizations can have large financial benefits from lean Six Sigma, if improvement efforts focus on enhancing areas of the business that would provide the most benefit to the business as a whole.

However it is unfortunate that with a traditional lean Six Sigma deployment projects are often selected in silos and may never get completed.  An IEE deployment, as described in our White Belt course, addresses these issues.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

This workshop will discuss how the concepts in Lean Six Sigma can be expanded beyond the typical process-improvement project execution model. An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) expansion of Lean Six Sigma concepts offers a structure for:

  • Improved metric identification
  • Predictive performance reporting
  • Improved improvement project selection so the business as a whole benefits

With the IEE system, good data-based decisions can be made both at the strategic and day-to-day operational level.

Results of Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe how to execute an IEE lean Six Sigma project execution roadmap so that the organization as a whole benefits!
  2. Understand how to improve organizational scorecard reporting so there is less firefighting!
  3. Describe how to create and execute targeted strategies so that the big picture benefits!

References will be made in the our training to one book from our IEE 5-book set. This book describes in a golfing novel format how organizations can benefit and implement a next generation lean Six Sigma deployment.

Each attendee will receive a copy of the IEE Volume I book. This book can be used later to explain concepts to others and become a personal reference that can be used long after training; i.e., attendees get much more than a deck of slides.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training and Certification Book

Is our IEE Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Call Smarter Solutions, Inc. to schedule a conversation with Forrest Breyfogle to discuss what you want to accomplish from this training and see whether our four-hour or one-day workshop will address your needs – +1 512.918.0280 or email [email protected].

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