Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Smarter Solutions’ lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course provides more than a simple set of tools.  Our Yellow Belt course is an introduction to the basic thought processes for measuring process performance and making improvements so the business benefits.

Smarter Solutions’ headquarters is in Austin, Texas but works with organizations throughout the world.

How to Receive Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification: Public or Onsite?

An alternative to one or two people from an organization attending public training is that this workshop be conducted on-site at an organization’s facility.  The advantage of this approach is that a team can be taught at the same time application of techniques to their specific processes.

This on-site alternative applies to all Smarter Solutions’ lean Six Sigma workshops and could also be blended with online and/or leadership training.  Contact us at +1.512.918.0280 or [email protected] to discuss what training alternative best fulfills your organization’s needs.

Instructor Led Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course does not follow a traditional Yellow Belt (YB) curriculum, where the YB class is provided more as an awareness event so that everyone feels like they are participating. Smarter Solutions has chosen to use the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course as a vehicle to develop improvement leaders for smaller projects.

This workshop follows our belief that the only reason to implement a Lean Six Sigma program is to improve the organization. It is not a “Feel Good” program. We prefer to target key individuals and give them tools to improve the organization and to better their individual job performance.

Our training uses and references two books from our 5-book Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) series.  Each student receives a copy of the referred-to books, IEE Volume III. and Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide. These textbook can be referenced long after the class and be used to communicate lean Six Sigma concepts and roadmaps with others. In addition, students will have flexibility to learn on their own the application of additional process improvement tools; i.e., students get more than a deck of slides.


lean six sigma yellow belt training course book


The Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSS YB) training course provides the participants grounding in the Lean philosophies and how they integrate into a larger business improvement system. The students leave the course with the skills to identify, diagnose and improve their work areas with the standard lean tool set.

After the training, students will have the skills to lead small efforts that will quickly provide true improvements, but they also understand how to identify issues that could be addressed with the more powerful Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tool set. The only software required in this course is Excel.

With this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course, an organization can develop employees to become more of a business partner that is engaged in organizational success. The intent of this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is not enough for a person to work alone in an organization as an improvement expert. The workshop is intended to be a vehicle to develop a third tier of improvement personnel that are supported by a solid core of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and/or Master Black Belts that are able to mentor them through the more difficult issues or take over the complex issues that they are not trained to handle.

The content of our 3-day offering is:



Who Should Attend this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training:

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training is designed for business professionals or companies who desire a foundation in Lean Six Sigma and wish to be able to lead simple lean based improvement efforts.  No prior Lean Six Sigma training is required.

Key Learning Points and Benefits:

  • Includes a majority of the Lean improvement concepts
  • Practical application to all areas of your business
  • Every Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt tool is provided with a context for manufacturing and service industries.
  • Experiential/Hands on activities. The training provides an environment that is excellent for effective adult education, application, and learning.
  • Exceeds the ASQ standard body of knowledge
  • Experienced instructors
  • From a provider with a long history of providing lean six sigma and other instruction
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training does not involve specialized software; all analysis work is performed using spreadsheets.

Is this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Call us at +1 512.918.0280 or e-mail us at [email protected] to set up a conversation with Forrest Breyfogle to see if our training offering is a good fit for addressing your needs.

Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is also available in an online session. For more information about this option, check out:  Online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training