Referral Partners

Smarter Solutions, Inc. (SSI) agrees to compensate Referral Partners on a commission basis for business leads which yield gross income to SSI, pursuant to the terms and conditions of an Agreement.

Get Paid Referral Fees as a Referral Partner

The referral fee will be as defined as a percentage of the gross revenue received by SSI from the referred client and will be paid on any revenue received by SSI from a Qualified Customer. A “Qualified Customer” is defined as a customer of SSI: (i) who became a customer as a direct result of the Referral Partner’s solicitation of customer on behalf of SSI, as determined in good faith by SSI; and (ii) has agreed to purchase SSI products or services.

Offering Smarter Solutions’ Services

Referral Partners are able to offer Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma public courses to Qualified Customers within this program. Other services and products may be included on a case-by-case basis.

Get Started Now as a Referral Partner

For more information on joining Smarter Solutions’ Referral Partner Program, contact us at 512.918.0280.

*Some restrictions to join may apply.

Smarter Solutions' Referral Partners

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