Statistical Analyses

Statistical analyses is used in various capacities in the 9-step Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

In step 2 of the IEE system, an organizational value chain compiles the results of what’s and how’s of past occurrences (i.e., processes) for the creation of statistically determined predictive 30,000-foot-level performance statements for functions throughout an organization.

In steps 4 of the IEE system, the entire enterprise can be assessed statistical to uncover causalities which provide insight to what areas of the business should be further investigated for improvement opportunities.

In step 7 of the IEE system, a targeted business improvement area can be assessed statistically for the uncovering of causal events which provide insight to what might be done differently to improve. Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) can also be used to provide insight to which factor levels provide an improved process-output response.

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