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The Smarter Solutions® Lean Six Sigma training online program has been designed to leverage internet, self-paced training tools and remote meeting software to provide our online students an excellent, blended training experience. We have integrated significant portions of the MoreSteam® Lean Six Sigma online training modules with Smarter Solutions’ lean Six Sigma 2.0 techniques.


This online training can provide extensive one-on-one remote coaching sessions with an assigned certified Master Black Belt to provide an individualized training program for each student. Our blended lean Six Sigma training online program allows students to learn at their own pace with no requirement to travel to a central location in order to complete the Lean Six Sigma course.


All blended courses include an e-learning portion that is comprised of self-paced modules which can be accessed for 365 days, at the student’s availability. The course also follows, and includes, an internationally recognized 6-textbook series providing the student with a reference to the Lean Six Sigma tools, theory, and methods well after the course is completed.



IEE Lean Six Sigma Training Online Black and Green Belt Courses

Key Learning Points and Benefits:

  • Practical application to all areas of your business
  • Online courses available with industry specific examples (manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and service industries)
  • Experiential training activities integrated into the course
  • Follows a clear process improvement roadmap
  • Exceeds the ASQ standard body of knowledge
  • Highly experienced Master Black Belt coaches
  • From a provider with a long history of providing lean six sigma and other instruction
  • Leverages Minitab Software to assist in analysis and charting, as do all top Lean Six Sigma programs.

Added Value:

  • Course is integrated with a published text books, allowing the student to retain an indexed copy of all the training topics after the course ends.
  • Over $150 of books provided with the course.
  • Coaching and Certification are included in the prices
  • Requires a demonstration of the Lean Six Sigma skills for certification, not a simulated project or case study analysis.

Included in Full Lean Six Sigma Online Course Tuition:

  • Student Coaching for
    • Basic coaching – email course support, homework support and certification review
    • Individualized Coaching – Live real-time project support. Provides interaction equal to an instructor led Lean Six Sigma classroom course.
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification (project required)
  • Extensive Reference Text/Materials
  • Certificate of Completion – Documentation of the number of hours completed that can be submitted for Continuing Education Units.

Structure of Full Lean Six Sigma Online Black Belt Course

This on-line Black Belt training consists of three major components:

  1. 140 hours of self-paced modules that describe traditionally-taught DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) tools. The material can be accessed for 365 days, at the student’s availability. Statistical tools are taught using either Minitab®  or MoreSteam® EngineRoom Statistical Software, which the student selects at the beginning of the course.
  2. Eight one-on-one 1-2 hour Zoom meetings to discuss the content and application of pre-meeting reading/video-viewing assignments, including the use and benefits of 30,000-foot-level performance metrics reporting and how to determine process improvement projects that will benefit the organization’s overall financials.
  3. Four one-on-one 1-2 hour sessions on the timely execution and completion of the student’s improvement project and its improvement project’s metric’s enhancement, which will have whole-enterprise benefit.

Testimonial about this training: (This) Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (on-line) training offered by Smarter Solutions has a variety of training styles that are both interactive and engaging. During the one-on-one learning, Forrest Breyfogle III shares his wide variety of industry experience with relevant stories to help visualize how to apply the tools. I have learned to identify the key metrics that have the highest business impact, and how to effectively implement change supported by the metrics and data analysis. I continue to utilize these tools daily!  …  Candace Williams, Manager, Operational Excellence

More details about this training is proved in the link “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online.”

Included in Basic Lean Six Sigma Online Course Tuition:

  • Student Coaching on the use of the course learning management system
  • Extensive Reference Text/Materials
  • Certificate of Completion – Documentation of the number of hours completed that can be submitted for Continuing Education Units.

Who Should Attend:

This Lean Six Sigma training and certification online is designed for business professionals or companies who desire a strong foundation in Lean Six Sigma and general process improvement, but want to limit travel expenses.  No prior Lean Six Sigma training is required.


Individualized Coaching – For the Lean Six Sigma Training Online

Basic course support and coaching is provided to all students by email. This includes homework reviews and course content questions. A certification review of a Lean Six Sigma improvement project is also included. For some students, this is all they need.


Many students are not interested in a fully self-paced learning experience. They want a more interactive Lean Six Sigma training experience that involves a real coach to support their work. In the Smarter Solutions blended online training model, we are able to provide the one-on-one coaching element that can be essential to this student’s success. Each student can have access to a certified Master Black Belt personal coach. There are coaching sessions that are structured into the course, although the student may contact their assigned MBB at any time. These planned coaching sessions are opportunities to ensure the student is progressing in the course as well as in his/hers project work. Coaching may be conducted via telephone, e-mail, or web conferencing.


Lean Six Sigma Certification

Upon completion of the online Lean Six Sigma course and improvement project, the student may submit for certification. The list of detailed certification requirements is available upon request. If the student has progressed through the course, scored above 80% on the exam and completed each of the scheduled homework and coaching sessions, it is estimated that the certification review will be a very quick process. Upon certification, the student will receive a certificate acknowledging this great achievement.


Self-paced Online Training or Group Training

Smarter Solutions has created a unique set of courses that are able to provide a top tier Lean Six Sigma training online for an individual working on their own or as a group experience within a business because of the unique integration of coaching and the reference books.

These courses can be used within companies to provide internal Lean Six Sigma training using Smarter Solutions’ coaches or using internal coaches.  This provides an opportunity for smaller organizations to provide an internal training program that can be customized to their requirements.  There is no other blended Lean Six Sigma online training program that allows this amount of flexibility that also covers the entire ASQ body of knowledge.


Self Paced Options:

  • One student at a time with a remote Smarter Solutions’ coaching
  • One student at a time with a personal Smarter Solutions’ MBB coach
  • One student at a time with an onsite corporate coach
  • One student at a time with a remote corporate coach

Group training options (all students at the same pace):

  • Two or more students in a group with an onsite corporate coach
  • Two or more students in a group with a remote corporate coach
  • Two or more students in a group with a Smarter Solutions’ coach

Responses to frequently asked question are:


lean six sigma black belt training online FAQ



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